2023 China (Shenzhen) International Washing Products Exhibition
Simultaneously held: China Detergent Industry Development Summit Forum
Time: May 11-13, 2023 Place: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Introduction:
Driven by the "beauty economy", consumers have a higher demand for toiletries, and brands have entered the market. The competition in the toiletries market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the consumption level of toiletries is also accelerating and upgrading, resulting in a steady increase in the market size of the toiletries industry; At present, washing products are an indispensable gathering for many manufacturers, distributors, agents, and retailers, and the exhibition has played a positive role in promoting industry exchange and development. Based on the development of the market, we have innovated our thinking and launched various marketing methods. Nowadays, the washing products industry has a vast variety of products, and consumers' shopping methods are quietly changing. The increasingly diverse shopping channels are attracting consumers' attention, pushing enterprises and retailers to explore and move forward on multiple channels; The 14th Five Year Plan for the Development of China's Detergent Industry (2021-2027) clarifies the guiding ideology of comprehensively promoting innovative development, coordinated development, green development, open development, and shared development in the detergent industry. Guiding the industrial structure of the washing products industry towards the mid to high end through intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and service-oriented manufacturing; Strengthen independent technological innovation and promote efficient transformation of innovative achievements. Actively promote the complete innovation chain of cutting-edge basic research, common key technologies and industrialization demonstration, develop surfactants and additives that are safe for human body and ecological environment, and actively encourage the application of green raw materials developed by using natural Renewable resource; Develop concentrated, water-saving, environmentally friendly, and safe washing products using safe and environmentally friendly surfactants and additives. In order to meet the rapidly changing market demand, enterprises are constantly accelerating their pace of updating and upgrading, investing heavily in technological innovation, and various high-tech washing products have been introduced one after another.


WASE 2023 China (Shenzhen) International Washing Products Exhibition (abbreviated as WASE Exhibition) is a market-oriented professional exhibition in the industry. It is a platform specifically designed for enterprises to find distribution agents, and a platform specifically designed to provide publicity and promotion for enterprises. The exhibition is based in Shenzhen and faces the international market. Fully utilizing the rapidly growing consumption capacity of Shenzhen city, with the determination to build the largest professional exhibition platform for washing products in China, we provide the best development platform for domestic and foreign washing product enterprises to expand product circulation, trade, technology, resources, and information, and form a win-win situation for all participants. The exhibition organizing committee invites professional buyers such as distributors, agents, and wholesalers from various provinces and cities across the country to participate in the exhibition, building a platform for communication and cooperation between supply and demand parties. All staff will do their best, do practical things, build platforms, and present the best new look to make "Shenzhen Washing Products Exhibition" an industry event with core competitiveness in the washing products industry. We also hope that our efforts can receive continued support from industry insiders!

Exhibition influence:
Exhibition area of nearly 40000 square meters
48612 professional visitors
About 90% of the audience is involved in procurement or related activities
About 160 buyer visiting groups visited
Over 100 organized business matchmaking events
Professional washing products industry trade exhibition;
Covering the entire industry chain of washing products, sub categories, and upstream and downstream supply in the industry;
The exhibition group and buyers gather here, and international platforms lead the trend;
Professional promotion plans and media cooperation, organizing omnichannel VIP buyers;
New themed exhibition area and numerous professional forum activities explore industry development trends together;

Display scope:
Personal care products: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, cleanser, hand sanitizer, soap, makeup remover, oral care products, Hair Spray,Hair Spritz,Aerosol Hair Spray,Liquid Hair Spray,Beard Hair Spray,Hair Oil,Oil Sheen,Hair Oil Spray,Aerosol Hair Oil,African Hair Oiletc;


Fabric washing and care products: laundry liquid, detergent, laundry soap, laundry tablets, laundry beads, laundry perfume beads, Laundry ball, laundry Fabric softener, etc;


Household cleaning supplies: fruit and vegetable detergent, Dishwashing liquid, oil stain cleaning, toilet cleaning fluid, disinfectant, scale remover, range hood cleaner, disinfectant, etc
Antibacterial products: pet cleaning care solution, antibacterial Air freshener, fruit and vegetable antibacterial preservative, antibacterial deodorant, antibacterial care solution, etc;
Daily chemical raw materials: essence and fragrances, surfactants and additives, polyether, Sodium triphosphate, hexametasilicate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, whitening agent, enzymatic agent, bleaching agent, softener, smoothing agent, oxidant, adsorbent, detergent raw materials and their intermediates;
Public facility cleaning supplies: specialized cleaning agents for external walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and professional laundry detergents in public places such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls;
Washing equipment, systems and accessories: tools, laser inkjet/marking machines, water washing, dry cleaning, drying, ironing, folding, conveying,OEM/ODM manufacturers, packaging material mechanical technology, etc;
Information/intelligent products: laundry management software, factory automation management system, self-service receiving and dispatching products, intelligent systems, RFID technology and application solutions, etc

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