According to the hair texture, choose the right hair wax to create a man's look

Men mostly like to be cool and want to be more stylish. At this time, they often like to apply wax to their hair, but have you applied the wax right? In fact, hair wax should be selected according to hair texture.

1. Paste clay hair wax for soft hair

Like some soft hair, this kind of hair is easy to fall down. If you want to create a sense of air filled and fluffy, you'd better choose the gel hair wax. This kind of hair wax is suitable for applying on dry hair. Don't apply it in a large area, just use it partially. When use it, firstly smear the hair wax on your hands, rub it evenly, and then apply it on your hair,but please pay attention to applying to the hair root from your fingers, and then grasp the hair from the root and pull it out. Directly use the hair wax on your hands to create a fluffy feeling, so you don't need to use too much hair wax.

2. Oily wax for hard hair

If your hair is hard and straight, the most suitable hairstyle is buzz cut. If you want to use hair wax to create other styles, you can choose some super styling wax, such as some oily hair wax that can hold the shape for a long time. Apply the hair wax evenly on your fingers, then apply it on your hair bundle, and then create the shape you want with the air blower. However, the hard and straight hair will be more difficult to hold, so you need to spend more time on applying the hair wax.

3. Water based hair wax for natural curly hair

Some people's hair is naturally curly. It's easy to style with hair wax, but easily get rough. This kind of hair texture can choose some water-based hair wax, firstly wet the hair, then get suitable hair wax with a comb, comb the hair smoothly, and then one more time, till create the style you want.

Such as Go-touch 100ml Water-based Gel Hair Wax ,and it has different scents and colors ,so just choose you prefer.In general most people like lemon and strawberry,but if you don’t like it ,ok ,doesn’t matter ,banana,peach,pomegranate,blueberry and watermelon etc. also be optional.

After shampooing, the style created with hair wax will be better

The best time to use hair wax is when you just finish washing hair. At this time, first apply hair wax on your wet hair, then rub, twist and pull the hair with comb till create the shape you want. This shape you get will be more glossy.

Such as Go-touch 100ml water-based Hair Wax with gel form,it also can moisturize hair,so let your hair more shiny.

Post time: Jan-22-2021