Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are mostly made of ethanol, essence, deionized water and so on.

Vehicle air freshener, is also known as “environmental perfume”, currently is the most common way to purify the environment and improve air quality in car . Because it’s convenient, easy use and low price, air fresheners already become the first choice for many drivers to purify the car’s air.Of course,you also can place it anywhere you like ,such as home,office and hotel etc…

Air freshener have various odor types,such as flower smells and compound smells etc.
And flower smells include rose,jasmine,lavender,cherry ,lemon ,ocean fresh,orange,vanilla etc. For example ,Go-touch 08029 air freshener are popular in America, Canada,New Zealand, South East Asia,Nigeria, Fiji,Ghana etc.

Presently in market there are gel air freshener,crystal bead air freshener,liquid air freshener(aroma diffuser liquid) and spray air freshener according to appearance.
Gel air freshener is the cheapest air freshener form,and is the longest lasting odor
Liquid aroma diffusers usually use rattan or filter paper strips as volatiles to insert into the container of liquid aroma diffuser, then the rattan absorb the liquid and volatilize the fragrance. Go-touch lq001 40ml liquid aroma diffuser is just this product,it also has the nice and elegant bottle design ,can be also regarded as a decoration .So more and more people prefer it to be placed in hotel,office,car and home ,although its price is higher than gel air freshener and spray air freshener.
Spray air freshener is also the most popular ,because it has many advantages: easy to carry, easy to use, fast fragrance and so on.

Avoid direct sunlight and fire. Keep away from children. Contain fragrance oil – do not swallow.
If swallowed and eye contact occurs, rinse mouth/eyes thoroughly with water and seek medical attention. If skin contact occurs, rinse area with water. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Post time: Jan-14-2021