The solid balm can be applied directly by rubbing a little of the balm with your fingertips and smearing it on the place where you need to apply it.

With the development of economy and the expansion of cities, family cars have become an indispensable means of transportation for Chinese people. Everyone spends more than one or two hours in the car every day, and the car has become the third space outside the home and office. So, how has the odor in the interior of the car become a big issue?
The things that the family attaches great importance to, a refreshing and fragrant interior environment not only makes oneself happy, but also has an extra favorable impression on the passengers and the owners. This is definitely a plus for unmarried single men.
1. The Gel Air Freshener Of Go-Touch 70g Different Scents method of using the balm is very simple. Just smear it on the arm, neck, behind the ears, elbows, and knees. Since the balm is relatively small, it can be put into pockets and handbags, so it will be easy to use. It is more convenient and can be used any time of the day when you need it.

2. Solid balm has now become a must-have product for many people in the car or at home. The products are naturally good and bad, and inferior products will be corrosive to a certain extent. It should not be eaten by mistake, and there will be those who are allergic to fragrance. The products not only have no negative effects, but also have various effects.

3. The main components of solid balm are essential oils and beeswax, which are quietly solidified in a beautiful and compact box, easy to carry, and elegant to supplement the fragrance. The fragrance is more low-key and restrained than that of perfume. Some brands also add jojoba oil, Vaseline and other ingredients, which can also play a role in skin care when used in dry places. Some single products are safe and can be used by pregnant women and children.

Post time: Jun-24-2022