Can not be mixed, because the dirt in the toilet is alkaline dirt, so it needs a sex cleaner to clean; and the dirt in the kitchen is mostly grease dirt, you must use an alkaline cleaner to clean the dirt. Therefore, Fast Kitchen Degreaser of Magic and toilet cleaners have different compositions. Fast Kitchen Degreaser of Magic are mainly used to remove oil, while toilet cleaners are highly corrosive and have low safety. They cannot be in contact with food in the kitchen. When they are mixed and used, a neutralization reaction will occur, and the reaction will generate salt and water, which cannot achieve the effect of removing dirt. It is recommended not to mix it up. Fast Kitchen Degreaser of Magic and toilet cleaners generally have the same base liquid, but Fast Kitchen Degreaser of Magic will add degreasing ingredients, while bathroom toilet cleaners will add ingredients to remove scale and water stains, and individual cleaners with special functions will also Then add the ingredients of the bacteria. Like Hongmeng’s products, its kitchen degreasing cleaner, kitchen bacteria cleaner, bathroom scale and water stain cleaner add different active ingredients to the same base fluid to achieve different cleaning effects.

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What are the ingredients of toilet cleaners

Safety performance is also an issue that people are more concerned about. The toilet cleaning principle of this product is to combine organic and alkali with soluble salts, use co-solvents and complexing agents to quickly dissolve insoluble calcium salts and other inorganic salts, and then complex the heavy metals and wash them away with water. Generally, it is a light blue transparent solution, the main components are sulfamic acid, alkyl sulfonate, nonyl phenol oxygen, ethylene tetraethylene disodium, oxalin, etc. It is non-irritating to the skin when used normally. In addition, there are various detergents for cleaning basins, refrigerators, tiles, jewelry, stoves, etc. The ingredients are roughly inseparable from the scope of the above-mentioned substances.

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Post time: Jan-14-2022