With strong and mild formula, naturally refined citric acid, tea tree essential oil and Disinfectant Cleaner, it can quickly dissolve dirt, thoroughly remove hard water stains, soap stains, mildew, urine stains, lime and mineral deposits, and return the bathroom fresh and clean.

It does not contain abrasives and inorganic acids, can be gently cleaned, maintain the bathroom equipment, and does not scratch the delicate surface of the bathroom equipment.
It is applicable to bathtubs, closets, washbasins, etc., and one bottle is responsible for cleaning bathtubs, closets, sinks, etc.

Citric acid: It is mainly naturally extracted from oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. Citric acid is very gentle to humans and animals, but it can effectively remove hard water stains, rust spots, and other mineral deposits. The cleaning power of a bottle of toilet expert is equivalent to that of 20 lemons.

Tea tree essential oil: the additional magical effect is one of the reasons why the bathroom expert cleaner is ahead of other competitive brands. Tea tree essential oil allows citric acid to penetrate deep into mineral deposits, so as to effectively destroy and remove them.

Deal with the residue caused by hard water
Hard water contains insoluble minerals, which will adhere to the surface after evaporation. The main minerals in hard water are calcium and calcium carbonate, which will form lime scale film after the surface water of washing machines and other appliances is dry.

usage method:
1. For general cleaning, use one bath toilet cleaner to dilute five parts of water.
2. It can be used directly when removing stubborn dirt.
3. Please add 2-3 caps “three in one” each time to remove the choking smell and enhance the decontamination (please boil with water).

Bathroom specialist cleaner replaces three different cleaners:
1. Grinding powder: it will scratch the surface of tiles, sinks and bathtubs. Bathroom expert cleanser naturally dissolves open substance deposits and soap stains.
2. Deodorant: bleach is not required to eliminate odor. Bathroom expert cleaner can remove the factors that cause odor in the wet concave.
3. Ceramic tile cleaner: unlike other acidic ceramic tile cleaners, the natural acid extracted from lemon by bathroom expert cleaner can dissolve the water mark, water stain and dirt of hard water without producing dangerous smoke.
Precautions: Do not mix with bleach or other cleaners.

Post time: Feb-21-2023