How to choose hair wax and hair gel(spray) rightly

Now people go out to play or work, it is an essential process that simply make hair styling before going out. Commonly the hairstyling products are hair wax and hair gel(spray). Choose them according to specific usage and workplace, lets talk their
Method / step

Hair wax is a grease with gel or semisolid form, can fix hair style, make the hair bright and shiny, is just an improved hair gel. Hair wax is classified into high gloss and matte.

There are three types of hair wax1. Water based hair wax: it can prevent rough, improve natural curl and enhance the hair gloss.
2. Oily hair wax: it’s suitable to fix the curly hair waves.
3. Paste clay hair wax: it can create puffy hair style with air feeling, mostly used at the end of partial hair.

Choose them according to your specific situation, recommend Go-touch 100ml Water-based Gel Hair Wax to you , it has different scents and colors ,such as lemon and strawberry,banana,peach,pomegranate,blueberry and watermelon etc.
If you don’t like hair wax,also can choose Go-touch 300ml Profession Hair Spray(gel or spritz) ,it has stronger holding effect than Go-touch 450ml hair mousse spray .
How to use hair wax: squeeze a little on the palm, evenly apply on the specific area of the hair, or all over the head.
1. It can be used for straight hairstyling which easy volumizing and fluffy. Use it when hair 70% dry,shake well before use, put the bottle mouth down, squeeze appropriate amount on the palm.Comb hair, it can create a soft and bright hairstyling.
2, For short hair, when the hair is completely dry, apply appropriate amount of foam wax on the hair. It can be blow hairstyling or directly styling with fingers.
3, For curly hair, when the hair is 80-90% dry, apply appropriate amount of foam wax on the hair,can blow hairstyling.

Post time: Jan-22-2021