It is impossible to change clean clothes in time when you go out, so consumers need clean products that are easy to carry and can quickly remove the odor. Hongmeng’s detergent is a good choice:

1. High-efficiency fabric deodorant that has been selling well for many years is the “industry endorsement” of high-quality deodorant in the industry

2. It has a rapid neutralization effect on a variety of odor sources such as smoke, hot pot, and mildew.

The low-concentration formula can still effectively eliminate the smell of smoke

3. The formula is flexible and easy to configure. It can be used alone or in combination with a variety of spices.


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Go-touch 2kg Laundry Detergent of Biodegradable The focus of daily washing and care of summer clothes is mainly to remove the body odor produced by perspiration and fermentation, and it is a good hand to remove the odor of sweat:

1. The main ingredient is active zinc, which can effectively remove odor when combined with surfactants. In the performance test for removing body odor, the performance of removing body odor was significantly improved after surfactants and similar commercially available products.

Plant extracts

2. Use Hongmeng’s laundry detergent and commercially available laundry detergent (with the zinc content of 0.1%) to clean the samples of clothes that have undergone the same sweat treatment, and then invite the members of the analysis team to conduct an odor assessment: most of the members think the treated clothes are sweaty Keep less.

Plant extracts

3.It can remain transparent in a variety of laundry detergent formulas without leaving a mark on the clothes

Post time: Dec-13-2021