Air fresheners have 320ml Different Scent Fragrance Perfume, such as single-flower fragrance (jasmine, rose, osmanthus, lily of the valley, gardenia, lily, etc.), compound fragrance, etc. But basically they are composed of ether, essence and other ingredients Air fresheners can also be called “environmental perfumes”. In recent years, various air fresheners have rapidly become popular.


Currently commercially available air fresheners are available in many dosage forms. If distinguished by their appearance, they can be divided into three types: solid, liquid, and aerosol.

Liquid air fresheners generally use felt strips or filter paper strips as volatiles and insert them into the liquid fragrance container to suck up the liquid to volatilize the fragrance. The “car perfume” placed on the driver’s platform in the car cab is this kind of product. The disadvantage is that liquid will spill out when the container is knocked over. Therefore, recently, some manufacturers produce containers made of “microporous ceramics”, which can be sealed with a cap after filling the fragrance, and the fragrance will slowly radiate from the container wall. Aerosol-type air fresheners are currently the most popular. They have many advantages: easy to carry, convenient to use, and quick to disperse fragrance.

At present, there are many types of air fresheners on the market. The traditional ones are composed of diethyl ether, flavor and other ingredients. Canned products are added with propane, butane, dimethyl ether and other chemical ingredients. The use of this air freshener can only Temporarily concealing indoor peculiar smells by spraying diffused aromas cannot really improve the air quality, because its components cannot decompose harmful gases, and it is difficult to truly freshen the air. After the human body inhales a volatile solvent with a certain fragrant gas, it is quickly attracted and invaded the nervous system, causing a feeling of “sedation”.

According to the analysis of drug dependence experts, the efficacy of this drug is similar to that of central nervous system tranquilizers. When the sniffers experience certain feelings, they will develop mental dependence. Addicts choose their favorite solvents and obligate to inhale them repeatedly every day, resulting in chronic poisoning. Lead and benzene added to gasoline can cause neuritis, nerve center or peripheral nerve paralysis, and can also cause symptoms such as anemia and muscle weakness; volatile solvents such as ethane, such as ballpoint pen oil and solvents in paint removers, are The culprits of aplastic anemia, indigestion, hematuria, and hepatomegaly.

Therefore, experts suggest that opening windows frequently and purifying the environment with fresh and refreshing natural air is the first choice for fresh air; the other choice is a new type of air freshener with ingredients extracted from natural plants. The latter type of safe and environmentally friendly products are currently more popular in foreign countries with air deodorization systems, including air cleaners and air deodorizers. It minimizes the content of volatile organic compounds, does not contain chlorofluorocarbons, and is harmless to humans and the environment.

Post time: Jan-17-2022