The kitchen is an important place in our home life, and it is also a must. Kitchen hygiene is even more important, and many people choose to use kitchen cleaners to make the kitchen look as bright as new. But not everyone has used or understands kitchen cleaners. So what is a kitchen cleaner and what are the main ingredients of a kitchen cleaner, let Hongmeng explain it to you.

1. What is a Go-touch 1000ml Disinfectant Cleaner
Kitchen cleaners are chemicals specially used for kitchen cleaning to remove stains from a variety of kitchen utensils. In addition to the cleaning effect that ordinary products cannot match, most kitchen cleaners also add sterilization factors to make kitchen cleaning efficient and healthy. Kitchen cleaners can directly emulsify oil stains to generate neutral liquids, which are weakly corrosive and have strong detergency.
2. What are the main ingredients of kitchen cleaners?
1. The main ingredients of kitchen cleaners—natural plant extracts
Natural plant extract is the main raw material for kitchen cleaners. It is made of natural liquid, which also contains polyphenols and other extracts, and natural plant extract is only a unified name. As one of the main ingredients of kitchen cleaners, its main performance is that it does not hurt hands, does not cause skin irritation, does not harm the products to be cleaned, and does not rust the products. Natural plant extracts are not only used in the kitchen In detergents, it is sometimes used as the main raw material in other detergent products.

2. The main ingredients of kitchen cleaners—mineral rock crystals, aloe vera essence, marine mineral elements
Generally, the current kitchen cleaner products also contain certain mineral rock crystals, aloe vera essence, marine mineral elements, etc., which is one of the main components of kitchen cleaner products. Minerals contain strong chemical substances, which can help the kitchen to clean quickly. The strong cleaning ability makes minerals favored by detergent manufacturers and customers. The main function of aloe vera is to effectively protect the human body. skin, reducing irritation.

3. The main ingredients of kitchen cleaners—coconut flour, coconut oil
The addition of coconut flour and coconut oil can lubricate kitchen cleaners and play an effective cleaning role. Although everyone does not know coconut flour and coconut oil, everyone must know coconut. Coconut powder and coconut oil made of coconut are added with natural extracts, which do not hurt hands when cleaning, and are also very smooth. The main component of lubrication.

Post time: Sep-26-2022