Hair gel, also known as hair spray gel, is a tool for hair styling. It is usually a kind of aerosol cosmetics. The main ingredients are alcohol-soluble polymers and projectiles. The film with certain transparency, smoothness, water resistance, softness and adhesion can be formed after spraying.
As a main hair styling product, hair spray gel should have the following characteristics:
1. Improve hair styling, ensure curly hair elasticity, and do not make hair too stiff.
2. It can improve the hair volume and give the hair luster.
3. It is easy to distribute on wet hair, easy to comb, without sticky feeling, fast drying, and will not become powder on the hair due to combing and brushing.
4. Not sensitive to humid climate.
5. No bad smell.
6. Easy to remove with shampoo.
7. It will not stimulate the scalp to itch, which is mainly related to the content of polymer residual monomer and solvent.
usage method
1. Spray wet hair. For Go-Touch 473ml Hair Spray, be sure to wet your hands with water and rub them at the place where your hair is curly. Don’t wet all your hair;
2. When the hair is hard, the air outlet of the hair dryer should be washed down, and only the hair at the end of the hair should be blown to the semi-dry state, not 80% dry;
3. For hard hair, pay more attention to creating the feeling of matte and texture effect. Spray the soft hair spray or apply the gel with the effect of soft hair on the hair. When the hair is dry, use the hair wax to shape it. Apply appropriate amount of styling product evenly on wet hair, and use your fingers to shape the ideal effect.

matters needing attention
1. Hair gel is easy to dry and shape when sprayed in the distance.
2. In the near future, the shaping is slow but firm.
3. There are positioning spray method and fast moving back and forth spray method.
4. The hair gel is uneven, cracks and sagging will occur, and the hair will be loose.
5. Different hair qualities require different amounts of hair gel.
If too much hair gel or gel is sprayed, cover the hair with a dry paper towel, tap the paper towel with your hand, carefully absorb the excess hair gel on the hair surface, and then sprinkle powder on the hair root.
To absorb the deep hair oil, you can use powder powder, talcum powder or shampoo. Divide a bunch of hair two inches above one ear, sprinkle powder on its hair root, insert your fingers into the hair, and rub the hair root and scalp with your fingertips. Each tuft of hair two inches from the ear should be processed in the same way until it reaches the other ear and messes up the hair. Lower your head forward, use the hair dryer to open the cold air stop for hair blowing, and insert your fingers into your hair to shake the hair.

Post time: Feb-27-2023